This site is dedicated to people, like myself who have an interest in playing with and sometimes acquiring technology. Some of us like to call ourselves geeks and some of us don’t like that label. However, we like technology. At the same time we don’t we think need to turn over an entire day or a whole paycheque to get the latest i<device>, Xbox, or the like.

Some of may actually be under financial pressures. Some may not want to have to justify excessive spending to their spouse or some may simply be naturally cheap. These are all OK. I don’t consider the word cheap in any way derogatory, especially since reading Cheapskate Next Door.

Regardless we should all be good stewards of our money. I want to play a part in helping others as well as me and my family spend responsibly.

I am endeavouring to keep an exceptionally high ethical standard. Not only will I stay away from illegal methods for saving money I will avoid shadier methods as well.

This site may contain advertisements and affiliate links that link to appropriate products. This I hope can help to compensate me for the effort I put into this site. Apart from ads provided by ad networks, the links will have been curated by me to indicate that I believe the offer decent value. I am going make efforts not to shill. If you believe it doesn’t let me know and or comment on the appropriate post to share and discuss.

As for me, I work in front-end web development and in User Experience Design. This is site is a project where I can explore some development concepts and at the same time help others enjoy new technology without breaking the bank.

Read, enjoy, and don’t spend too much.