Dollar store earbuds – plus

I found a new pair of earbuds at Dollarama called “Hype Stereo Earbud”. These are the most expensive ones they have at $2.50. They are so far, well worth the money. These are strictly earphones and don’t have a microphone for cell phone use.

Hype Stereo Earbud

Other cheap earbuds I have purchased haven’t seemed to fare as well as this one. Overall I’ve been fairly pleased with this one.

Price – 2/5
At $2.50 it is not in true dollar store category but low enough to not to be concerned about experimenting.

Quality – 3/5
I wasn’t expecting high end audio and I didn’t get it. What I did get was some bass and an OK sound. Vocals were still a little tinny though better than other dollar and discount store models I’ve tried. What was most impressive with these was the volume. I typically do not get enough volume out of cheap earphones. With these there was enough volume for music and podcasts, and in addition phone calls were also quite audible.

Overall – 3.5
I give these well over a passing a grade. The only real compromise is on sound quality. As such I can easily recommend them for anyone mainly looking to save money on earphones.

Pricestar star star star
Qualitystar star star
Overallstar star star half-star

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