Outlet Extension / Expansion

An outlet extension is a convenient and effective way of adding more power outlets to an existing socket. With the model highlighted here you simply plug it in and go from two to six outlets. The old way we used to this was with an extension cord, or power bar. This was much cheaper, less clumsy, and resulted in less clutter.

6 Outlet Extension

6 Outlet Extension Details

Again my retailer of preference is the dollar store. While these may sell for about $10 at the hardware store and are almost certainly of better quality, I am unconvinced of the need for better quality in most circumstances. In our family they are often used on a night table for some combination of a low powered lamp or clock.

Price – 4.5 / 5. I got this one at a dollar store for two dollars (so not a true dollar store) but I wouldn’t be surprised if one could be obtained for $1.

Quality – 3 / 5. No real quality issues here. Nothing fancy like surge protectors or a mounting screw to hold it into the socket. It has two plugs allowing it hold fairly securely in the socket.

Overall – 4 / 5. This is an easy product to recommend for basic outlet extension. For safety it’s best for when you need to plug in a number of low powered devices to an outlet but don’t need surge protection. For surge protection or higher power devices like computers, it’s best to get a proper power bar with a surge protector and circuit breaker.

Pricestar star star star half-star
Qualitystar star star
Overallstar star star star

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